What's Delivery Club?

You don’t need GPS, map or any other devices that you used before. DeliveryCLUB will find address and show direction to there.  Offer you to spread to all DC community HOW MUCH you got in there…!

Information about any address is in you phone. Including last tip, maximum, and average for each particular address. 

It's simply to build direction to there or add you own information about tip.       Just click Go Here to get direction or New to add new info.

Share what you got with all other drivers! 

It includes tip, type of building and client mood.                                                  Also, one of the most important feature is Dangerous addresses. Just check address as a DANGEROUS when you put new information and let everyone work safety.


All your delivery history now in one place. From here you can see info about all deliveries that you did and what tip did you get!!!   

It keeps tracking all addresses, so you don't need to remember it!


DeliveryClub on Android

Coming soon ...

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